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Cookie Policy

Last reviewed: 26 July 2021


A cookie is a small file that is set in your browser when you visit a website, and which may assign a unique identifier to you.


There are a few different types of cookies that we and some of our affiliates and third-party service providers may use: persistent cookies (that are kept by your browser until removed) and session cookies (that your browser automatically removes after a period of time, or when you close it).

There are also other tracking technologies that we may used, such as web beacons and local storage. Web beacons allow us to monitor site behaviour by delivering your IP address, any cookies we may have set and information about the page you’re visiting to a server. We use local storage to keep track of your preferences, things you've seen, temporary personal identifiers and more; the data we store in local storage generally stays on your device.


We use cookies (and other tracking technologies – but for ease, let’s just call them cookies) for lots of reasons: they let us customize your experience (for example, seeing prices in the correct currency), operate the website (like enabling you to put things in your cart and then keep shopping) and generally make sure that your experience of our website is a good one.

We also use cookies to perform analytics and deliver advertising or marketing that is relevant to you.

There are also cookies set by third parties that allow us to provide interactive content, perform analytics and enable other third party features, like payment or links to social media.


You can control cookies by amending your web browser controls. You can also delete existing cookies from your web browser and/or disabling cookies on your computer and other devices. Depending on the particular browser you are using (for example, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox), this can usually be done by accessing the ‘Browsing History’ through the ‘Settings’ or ‘Options’ menu (or equivalent) in your web browser, or if you are using a different device, then in the ‘Settings’ for that device.

Some cookies are essential to the proper operation of our website: if you disable cookies in your web browser, or delete existing cookies, our website may not work properly and your experience with our website will be less personalized and may make your shopping experience less enjoyable.

It is important to remember that if you delete existing cookies but do not disable cookies in your web browser, and then you subsequently visit our (or any) website, fresh cookies may be placed and you may need to repeat the process of deleting existing cookies.

You can also opt out of targeted advertising: see

You can also alter your ad preference settings on Google, Facebook and other third parties, and on the platforms of other providers.

Finally, if you do opt out of receiving communications directly from us, we will no longer use your information for those purposes.


Some browsers allow you to automatically notify websites that you visit not to track you by using a ‘Do Not Track’ signal. If you have Do Not Track enabled when you visit our website, we will treat that as you having rejected cookies and not place any cookies other than those essential to the proper functioning of our website.

Additional cookie information for those who want to know more

  • We have two ways of collecting location information, both of which preserve your anonymity – either we use only the first three octets of your IP Address for a rough location that can sometimes be wrong, or we use a browser-based Geolocation API which can only work with your explicit consent to non-essential cookies (your browser will pop up a dialog asking for your consent).
  • Even if you reject cookies, after visiting our website you may notice that you see more VLG ads on other websites. This is probably because you have provided consent (even if you didn’t mean to) somewhere along the line to a third party, such as Google or AdWords, who may notice that you have visited the VLG website.
  • We use (anonymous) session IDs every time you visit our website. These are essential to ensure the website works properly, but it also means that you may be served some pages (such as product recommendations) based on usage data. The session ID is not linked to any personal data and cannot be used to identify you.
  • When you place an order or sign-up to our newsletter or otherwise provide personal data, that will be linked to your session ID and the information we have collected so far (and that until then was anonymised). You can ask us to “unlink” this information at any time by emailing us at