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What is a Messenger Bag?

If you're searching for a fashionable yet practical bag that's a perfect balance between casual and professional then getting a messenger bag is something you probably need to really consider. 

Join us as we take you through a guide on what a messenger bag is? How is it different from other similar bags in the market? And how to make the most out of them?

What is a Messenger Bag?

Leather Messenger Bag Beside a Teddy Bear

These chic-looking functional bags, more popular among men than women, were originally created in America to be used by postmen to carry important posts. It was designed with a strap that could be worn across the messenger's chest, with the bag itself resting on his lower back - making it easier for him to wear it while riding and also giving his hands easy and quick access to the documents inside. The contents inside were kept safe by a flap covering the opening of the bag.

The original messenger bags were rectangular in shape, made of leather and contained a single large pouch-like compartment to keep letters. The modern messenger bag comes in a variety of materials - including canvas, cotton and leather. But sections and design wise it is still mostly the same, that isn’t a bad thing though. This makes it roomy, versatile and gives them a classic-looking style. 

Furthermore, messenger bags now usually have some thick padding to protect any delicate devices or items placed inside. The straps are also much wider and more comfortable to wear, and many come with rain covers for inclement weather.

In recent years, messenger bags have become well-liked by both men and women as a versatile everyday bag. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for a range of purposes including carrying laptops, textbooks and everyday items. 

How to wear a Messenger Bag?

Man Wearing Hoodie Sweater with Messenger Bag

The messenger bag is flexible enough to be used by professionals, students and casual travelers. Messenger bags are typically slung over the shoulder and have an adjustable strap that allows ease of access and weight distribution. Many also along with the strap have a single top handle allowing the user to carry it like one would hold a briefcase, giving the user both options to choose from.

Styling a messenger bag isn't very complicated, you just need to look out for a few things. Firstly, if you're a big leather fan, make sure all your leather accessories of the day are of the same matching color, such as shoes, belt and leather bag.

They all need to either be black or brown. Secondly, if you go for a bag made of cloth or waxed canvas, try to choose one with a color that goes with almost everything such as gray or dark blue. Lastly, before swinging your bag on your shoulder, take a second to consider your outfit of the day; when wearing casual clothes it may look fine to have your bag’s strap across your chest, but in formal clothing, it could make you shabby.

So just keep these things in mind and you'll be able to pull off the ‘effortless stylish look’.

What is a Messenger bag used for?

leather messenger bag

A messenger bag is a highly functional bag that can be used for a range of purposes. It's an ideal city accessory that can fit most of your daily needs. 

The most popular use of messenger bags is to carry laptops, textbooks and other similar items. It is ideal for office workers who carry a laptop, as these bags typically have some padding to protect your device from any scratches.

They are a great option for students as well who can store all their supplies and textbooks within one big compartment, without having to deal with unnecessary sections they typically don’t need.

In addition, messenger bags are also ideal for traveling and are still popularly used by bicycle and motorcycle riders, since they need a bag that's comfortable to wear while riding and is capable of holding all of their necessary tools and equipment. Messenger bags’ cross-body design makes them perfect for both short and long trips.

Satchel vs Messenger Bag - What's the difference?

satchel bag
brown leather messenger bag

Not much to be honest; messenger bags and satchels nowadays look quite similar. Some messenger bags do come with more pockets, storage space and compartments than satchels, but appearance-wise they are still very similar.

Satchels are usually smaller, with messenger bags being the larger version of the two. Typically satchels are longer while messenger bags are wider in size. Also, satchels are traditionally made using leather whereas there's more variety found in messenger bags in regards to material. 

Another difference perhaps comes in customers, satchels are mostly preferred by students whereas, messenger bags are often preferred by professionals due to their briefcase-like appearance. 

Briefcases vs Messenger Bag - What's the difference?

In plain words, a briefcase is rigid in shape like a box, while a messenger bag is soft and flexible. Briefcases are mainly used to carry files, folders and other stationeries, whereas messenger bags can be used to carry a lot more. 

Apart from that, messenger bags are more comfortable to carry as they have shoulder straps, unlike briefcases which are carried by hand using their handles. 

A briefcase has a very formal-looking appearance whereas a messenger bag is the perfect balance between casual and professional. 


Overall, messenger bags are highly versatile, durable and functional bags that can be used for a range of purposes and settings. They are perfect for carrying laptops, textbooks, traveling and other equipment. They are also highly comfortable to wear and come in a variety of styles and colors.

So if you're in the market for a worthy new bag, be sure to give a messenger bag a thought!

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