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What is a Weekender Bag?

The perfect companion for a small 2 to 3 day trip. If you’re a put-together, minimalistic traveler then this is the kind of bag you need in your life! Even if you aren’t, we’re here to help out.

They make for great carry-on luggage and for good reason. They're the perfect size to fit everything you need without it being too bulky or taking up a lot of space.

So, without further ado, let's find out what it is, its uses, what features make for a good weekender bag and how to pack it.

What is a Weekender Bag?

What is a Weekender Bag

A weekender bag is a versatile, multi-use and carry-on compatible bag that makes for an ideal companion on your weekend getaways. They are medium-sized bags, have a rectangular shape and are designed to make for a supportive and easy-to-carry bag with comfortable straps as well as handles on the top and sides.

Weekender bags are a relatively new phenomenon in the travel world and can be often mixed up with a duffel bag, which is typically larger in length and width than these bags. Weekender bags are designed to be sleek and hold all of your essentials without them looking bulky.

What Are Weekender Bags Used For?

What Are Weekender Bags Used For

The great thing about weekender bags is that they are used for a variety of purposes, depending on your needs.

  • As mentioned above, they act as carry-on luggage, fitting all of the essentials you need without taking up excess space or weight.
  • They are used as a weekend travel bag, to pack some essentials needed for a short trip away.
  • They are also used as a gym bag, fitting everything you need for a workout session or a day out.
  • They’re even occasionally used as a spacious work bag, fitting everything you need for a day in the office, including your laptop, notebooks and even a change of clothes if you need it.

An important fact to keep in mind would be that they aren't particularly designed to be used for business, so packing a suit or other formal wear might not be the best idea as it may crumple up inside it.

What Makes For A Good Weekender Bag?

What Makes For A Good Weekender Bag


Good weekender bags are usually made out of heavy-duty fabrics such as canvas, leather or polyester. These materials can be water-resistant and easy to clean. Many also come designed in more than one material such as they would have leather handles and a canvas body, these combinations allow for a more strong and sleek look.

Build Quality

Good weekender bags are usually made to be durable, this means they are usually thickly lined with sturdy handles. Many feature double stitching which makes for a bag that is resistant to wear and tear. Furthermore, it's a good idea to make sure that all zippers on the bag function properly and smoothly.


A good weekender bag should also come in a variety of options when it comes to choosing the color, whether it is a combination of two colors or only one, so that it can better suit individual styles. A black, dark blue or brown color has a more classic and sleek look, whereas other colors such as yellow or red can be more fun and playful.


The size of a weekender bag is also very important. Of course, it depends on your individual needs and purpose, but typically a good capacity size for a weekender bag would be around 30-40 litres, this is large enough to fit all of your essentials but small enough to be manageable.

Inside Pocket

When it comes to storage, weekender bags usually have only one or two big compartments and not many pockets, but a good one should have at least one. This is so that you can organize small or precious items you don't want to misplace.

Outside pockets

Having a pocket on the outside of a weekender bag is a pretty useful feature, as there is usually a lot more room to store things, so you can even have a bigger pocket. This can also be handy for easy access to items as you won't have to open your bag's main section and dig through it to reach the pocket within.


The function of the straps is pretty important, they need to be strong enough to carry significant weight but also comfortable enough not to leave you with painful shoulders at the end of the day. Many good weekender bags have adjustable straps which you can customize to fit your body size and also come with a shoulder pad.


An important feature of these bags is that they should be able to stand on their own, as it will allow you to pack your bag at a moment’s notice without having to prop it up again and again; which can be quite irritating. This is accomplished by the use of ribbing to add some structural support to the bag. Plus, the ribbing looks very stylish.

How to Pack a Weekender Bag?

How to Pack a Weekender Bag

Try not to go overboard and keep the following in mind when packing:

  1. Pack an outfit and undergarments for each day you are away, not more than that.
  2. Pack a comfortable pair of shoes that would go with almost all of your outfits of the trip, heels should only be brought if necessary. Remember to wrap your shoes in a plastic bag before placing them in the bags with other items.
  3. Even if you'll be going somewhere warm, keep a light jacket just in case.
  4. Pack any medication you may need and toiletries such as a toothbrush, razor, etc. in a small pouch and then place it in the weekender bag.
  5. If you're traveling with a laptop or other electronic device you'll need for work, keep it in its case for better protection.
  6. Don't pack all your makeup and skincare products, only bring the bare minimum.
  7. When packing jewelry, try to bring versatile pieces to avoid having to take too much jewelry.


A weekender bag is a great investment and can really come in handy for short trips. They are usually well-made, with strong straps and good zippers, and come in a variety of colors and sizes.

When packing, try to keep the essentials in mind and don't overpack! This will ensure that you have plenty of room for souvenirs on the way back. Have a great trip!

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