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What Is Top Grain Leather?

Leather is an animal skin that has been processed into a soft, durable material. It can be used to make clothing, furniture, and other goods. Top Grain Leather is the second highest quality of leather you can buy for products like furniture, clothing, and shoes. 

It has a tighter grain than other types of leather and is generally preferred because it has a higher level of durability. This article explains exactly what Top Grain Leather is, how it is made and best use cases for it. We'll also answer some important questions in our FAQ section.

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What is Top Grain Leather?

Top Grain Leather is a type of leather produced by using the top cut of a full cow hide. This layer is then corrected to remove any blemishes. It is one of the most premium leathers you can buy, and also one of the highest-quality leathers you can get your hands on. 

The end result is a leather that is soft, supple, and most importantly, durable. Leather usually has a series of long and thin cross-sections. The leather is separated into long strands by steel rollers and then stretched over a conveyor belt. 

This means that the finished leather has a tighter, less-wide grain, so it is much tougher and stronger than normal leather.

Where Does Top Grain Leather Come From?

Top Grain Leather is usually made from cattle hides. This is important because if you're purchasing Top Grain Leather, you want to know that you are getting the genuine article. 

Why Is Top Grain Leather Better Than Most Types Of Leather?

Top Grain Leather is definitely better than most other types of leather. It can be made into anything from shoes to leather furniture. One of the big draws is that it is incredibly durable. 

It doesn't require any kind of maintenance and does not need to be polished or given special treatments. If you want a sturdy leather, Top Grain Leather definitely fits the bill. It is also quite easy to recycle.

What Can You Make From Top Grain?

Leather can be used in many different ways. Top Grain is used for products like shoes, jackets, and wallets. It's typically stronger than standard leather, has the appearance of a harder leather but is much softer. 

Top grain leather was historically reserved for the most prestigious or pricey pieces of leather. This means that it's often difficult to find cheaper versions of high-end leather products today. 

The types of products that you can find using top grain leather are often less expensive because they don't have the same quality. While top grain leather is usually harder than regular leather, there are several other types of leather out there. Buck leather is one such example. It is softer than Top Grain.

Top Grain VS Full Grain: Comparison

Top Grain Leather Full Grain Leather
Top Grain Leather Is durable, flexible, and strong with years of manufacturing experience to back it up. Has durability that will last many years Full Grain Leather keeps the full grain of the hide, blemishes and all,  while Top Grain has all blemishes removed
Top Grain Leather is the second highest quality of leather that you can purchase Full Grain Leather is the highest quality of leather you can buy, bar none. Top Grain is the second best
Top Grain has been extremely smoothed out as part of it’s design. Basically it’s the supermodel of leather Thanks to the blemishes and other imperfections, Full Grain Leather has more visual character when compared to Top Grain’s smoothed out look
Top Grain doesn’t really seem to age at all. It keeps its original color. One side effect to this is that the material is not a breathable as Full Grain Leather Full Grain Leather stays strong all of its life. It never seems to actually wear out. The more it ages the more beautiful it seems to become. Its color changes over time
Top Grain Leather is way more fragile, easily susceptible to scratches and other damage Full Grain Leather is phenomenally strong and durable. However, it’s breathable hide is much more susceptible to water damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Top Grain Better Than Genuine Leather?

Top grain isn’t actually better than other types of leather. It’s simply an upgrade that many retailers offer. For example, look at a handmade purse made from a mix of top grain and calf leather. 

It has the same feel and look as the genuine leather version, but with the added value of top grain leather. You might be tempted to believe that it’s better quality, but really the maker has simply used higher quality leather for the shell and stitched it with leather thinners and glue to achieve that leather leather-like texture. 

Unlike genuine leather, top grain leather is processed from a single carcass, or skin, of an animal. Also, unlike genuine leather, Top Grain is normally produced to remove imperfections and eliminate any blemishes.

Can You Make Quality Sofas From Top Grain?

Yes, Top Grain Leather is good for sofas. If you want the softest and most durable leather you can buy for furniture, you want top grain leather. It is often used to make high end furniture, clothing, shoes, and other products. 

Top grain is generally preferred because it has a tighter grain than other types of leather. Most top grain leather comes with a Tencel (Woad) coating. This protects the leather from moisture and acts as a moisture barrier.

Is It Possible for Top Grain Leather To Actually Peel?

Top grain leather does peel, but not for a very long time. The key is to take care of the leather regularly. This is easily handled through simple wiping of the leather and vacuuming if the product is a couch or automobile seat. 

Products such as leather cleaners and conditioners can greatly extend the life of Top Grain Leather. These products are designed to keep the leather water and stain resistant. The oils in the conditioners are also designed to bond with the leather to make it more pliable which will greatly reduce cracking. 

Pros of Top Grain Leather

Top grain leather is one of the most fantastic and loved leathers available. This material will be better for you than some other types of leather depending on the application. 

Some of the advantages of top grain leather include: 

Uniform Threading 

This means that the grain of the leather runs through the same piece of leather. This is one of the most important qualities when you are looking for top grain leather. The grains should look like straight lines from one end to the other. 

Less Problems Because There Are No Irregularities

This means that the grain of the leather runs through the same piece of leather. This is one of the most important qualities when you are looking for top grain leather. The grains should look like straight lines from one end to the other.

Cons of Top Grain Leather

Not As Strong as Some Other Leathers

Top grain leather comes from a cow, calf, or goat that has been grazing on grasses that have a certain mineral content. Therefore, it's not quite as sturdy as other types of leather. 

However, it's not a particular weak point in terms of the durability of the material. Instead, the main issue is that it has a tighter grain and it's naturally a little more expensive. 

Subject to Cracking if Not Cared for Properly

You have to remember that Top Grain Leather is not breathable. This means that you’ll need to be on guard when it comes to maintaining the leather. 

Of course, this is easily taken care of if you set up a plan to clean and condition the leather regularly.

Will Not Eventually Develop a Patina

Since the top layer has been shaved to eliminate blemishes, Top Grain will not develop that rich, vintage looking color, or patina that you will see develop in a Full Grain Leather product. 

We understand that some people will not care about this, but for a lot of others, a leather product is supposed to show its age. You can easily say that Top Grain Leather is the “plastic surgery” model of the leather world. 


We’ve reached the end of our review article about what Top Grain Leather is,we hope you enjoyed it. Top Grain Leather has been around for quite some time now. It definitely has a fanbase and it’s hard to ignore that. 

It's a strong material that comes from a superior animal source, and if you've got a leather item that is looking old and dull, you should consider replacing it with a Top Grain Leather. 

As long as you know what you are getting when you purchase it, there should be no problems with this leather product. It makes the leather look and feel more premium and lasts much longer than some others. We hope you enjoy your Top Grain Leather purchase.