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Types of Women's Wallets

Wallets are a key accessory for both men and women, used to keep basic but some of our most important belongings secure. Although both genders use wallets, the way and how much they use them is relatively different. 

Women tend to carry more things than men so naturally, they use a bag as it can typically accommodate multiple objects of various sizes, which is great for medium-sized items, but keeping small things; especially in an organized manner can prove to be quite tricky. This is where a wallet comes into play. 

As with most things in their wardrobe, women like to be tactical with their choice when it comes to the wallet they carry. It should look good, feel good and do the job it is supposed to.

There are many types of wallets on the market and it's important to find the one that suits our needs and uses best. Here's an in-depth look at some of the most popular types of wallets for women to assist you in making the right choice:

Different Types of Wallets for Women

1. Bifold Wallet

bifold wallet for women

The bifold wallet is a traditional type of wallet and is usually made from leather. It is a small, rectangular wallet that has two fold-over flaps that meet in the center. The bifold wallet usually has multiple card slots, a billfold, and sometimes depending on the individual wallet’s design, a place to carry coins.

A bifold wallet may not be for someone who likes to carry small bags as its size could possibly be too big for it, taking up too much space. Bifold wallets are great for women looking for a minimalistic, practical-looking, easy access wallet to use daily, but definitely isn't a fancy one to take to special occasions.

2. Coin Wallet

coin wallet for women

The coin wallet is a small, zippered pouch that is used to store coins, It usually has card slots designed on the sides on it, offering space for carrying a few cards and bills in it as well. The coin wallet is great for women who are looking to carry very little but compactly and securely.

This type of wallet is perfect for those who live in a country that’s currency involves dealing with a lot of coins and want a safe yet fuss-free way to carry them, but don't want to deal with having to open different compartments for different things.

3. Trifold Wallet

trifold wallet for women

Not the most slender or fashionable choice out there, but for women who have a lot of cards, this is the perfect wallet to keep them all organized and easily accessible. The trifold wallet has three folds, which open to reveal several card slots designed on the inside. It offers a lot of space to place multiple cards in separate compartments properly without having to stack up 2 together in one.

A trifold wallet is excellent for someone to keep track of all their cards, whether it is their ID, driver's license, credit cards, or other cards. Sometimes, when you have too many memberships or loyalty cards, it can get hard to remember which ones you have. This wallet may help with that by giving you all the space you need to organize your essentials.

4. Card Case

card wallet

A small, flat wallet that's a bit similar to the coin wallet mentioned above, except this one provides space for both coins and cash. It typically has one or two card slots on the outside area with the inside open without a zipper to either put cash or more cards. 

A card case is ideal for women who opt for cashless payment options more often than not and don't take a lot of cards with them on a daily basis, choosing to carry only around 1 or 2 of the most essential ones such as an ID card, credit card or transport card.

5. Money Clip

clip wallet for women

Since most women's clothing doesn't usually have functional pockets, it can be hard to fit regular-sized wallets inside them, forcing them to be carried in bags instead. A money clip is a wallet that is a solution to that problem if a woman wishes to have the definite option of either keeping her wallet in her bag or pocket whenever she wants to.

A money clip doesn't have any slots or compartments but is designed to hold cash and cards in a vertical position, clipping everything together with a metal clip. Like the card case wallet mentioned above, this wallet isn’t equipped to hold coins or a lot of cash and cards above either. Though a money clip wallet is perfect for women who don't use cash a lot and don't mind having their wallet contents visible and rather embrace it; making a fashion statement.

6. Clutch Wallet

clutch wallet

A clutch wallet is basically an unglamorous version of a clutch with dividers, card slots and a zip pocket inside to make it functional. The inside of these wallets is designed to fit bills, a phone, multiple cards and also coins. In regards to the outside, it has a zipper to protect everything that’s inside and has a small strap attached to it that can be loosely wrapped around the wrist while holding the wallet to make it a bit more secure to carry. 

The clutch wallet is perfect for situations when you don't want to bring your whole bag, but still need something a bit spacious to keep everything one needs. It comes in various styles and sizes, as well as colors and designs. Though not typically fancy or sparkly like the actual clutch bag, a clutch wallet still looks extremely elegant and sleek, fitting everything neatly inside itself without any bulk.

7. Slim Wallet

slim wallet for women

Cleverly designed to be flat and thin, but carry everything a regular-sized wallet can. A slim wallet has enough card slots to carry all the essential cards, like an ID card, driver's license, credit cards and more, while still maintaining a slender and small form perfect to comfortably slim into your front or back pocket. 

A slim wallet is great for women who want to keep everything they need in their wallets without it being bulky at all. This wallet is perfect for a minimalist person or anyone who wants something small, light and easy to carry around without having to worry about it taking up too much space.

8. Wristlet

wristlet wallet

It’s a small pouch-like wallet attached to a strap that's worn around the wrist. A wristlet can be either made out of leather or cloth. It typically has two main features that define it; a small zip pocket that could be used for keeping money, cards or keys and a strap to fit snugly around your wrist. 

The wristlet is perfect for women who wouldn't mind wearing their wallet on their wrist, though it can also be easily carried in your pocket or bag. It's light, compact and quite convenient to carry around, making it easy for just about anyone to use.

9. Wallet on a String

wallet on a string

As the name suggests, it's a wallet attached to a string or straps long enough to be worn on the shoulder, either straight or across your torso. It is rectangular-shaped with straps attached to each side of it. This wallet typically has several compartments, with a few smaller inner pockets for storing money, cards and anything other, one would want. A wallet on a string is usually small enough to fit in a large or medium-sized bag. 

It’s perfect for women who don't have to carry around much in their wallet and would rather have it slung over the shoulder instead of having to carry it inside a purse or bag. It's a great lightweight option to carry just the essentials in, when going out, but also comfortable enough to be slung over your shoulder without feeling weighed down.

10. Travel Wallets

travel wallet

Designed to be the perfect wallet for traveling, it has plenty of compartments and dividers with enough slots to carry passports, tickets, boarding passes, bank cards, and cash in an organized manner. It comes in several different styles, which can be long or short, slim or bulky.  

This wallet is perfect for women who travel a lot and need a wallet that would fit everything they could possibly need when going away. It's spacious, functional and is usually designed to be extremely durable, meaning it can withstand being thrown around in a bag without any damage.

11. Continental Wallets

continentals wallet

A type of wallet that opens like a book, consisting of two foldable panels attached to each other along the spine. All the compartments for cards and money are inside these two foldable panels. 

The continental wallet is perfect for women who want a stylish and classy wallet that has enough room to store everything they need. It's also a great choice for women who like to keep their money and cards organized in a specific way. Sometimes also used as a travel wallet, this wallet is perfect for those who want a sophisticated yet spacious and practical option.

What to look for in a Leather Wallet?

Style, function and durability should all be considered when choosing a wallet and going for one made of leather is always a good choice as it has all these qualities. Let's explore this in a little more detail:


A woman's wallet should be stylish and complement her outfit. When it comes to style, leather wallets come in many different shapes and designs so there are plenty of options to choose from. Sizes range from small compact ones the size of your palm, to large ones that could fit your entire hand. Furthermore, there are numerous options to pick from when it comes to leather patterns and textures such as smooth, pebbled, textured, embossed, grainy, etc. No matter which one you choose or in whichever color, all leather wallets are sure to give your look a polished and sophisticated edge. 


When choosing a wallet, women should consider what they will be mainly using the wallet for. Will you need something that can store multiple cards and cash bills or do you want something that can hold coins too? Maybe you want something that's very slim and small, or perhaps you prefer a slender wallet with spacious compartments for keeping all necessities in. The number and size of compartments or whether it has a zipper or not will determine just how and what a wallet can store.


Alongside stylishness and storage, it's also important that a leather wallet is durable and can withstand everyday wear and tear. A well-made leather wallet can last for years. Natural leather is typically more durable than synthetic leather. Of course, a wallet made of natural leather will be more expensive, however, it's worth the investment, considering its longevity. Though if you're looking for a wallet that has almost all the benefits of a natural leather wallet, but don't want to spend too much, or are uncomfortable using animal skin, many good synthetic leather wallets are also quite sturdy that you can choose from.

So, these are some important things to consider when choosing a leather wallet. Ultimately, though, the choice mostly depends on what features each individual woman is looking for.

How to Choose a Women's Wallet?


Many women prefer wallets that have many different sections for keeping their possessions. This is especially true for women who like to keep it neat and organized with everything having its own special place. However, this is not necessarily always the case as many women also prefer wallets with only just a few compartments that are slimmer and don't take up too much space.

Wallet size is very important because it determines if the wallet will be bulky or too large to fit in a small bag or comfortably fit in your pocket. The size also usually makes a difference in how much storage it can provide. 

Different types of wallets in different designs provide different features. Overall common components found in most wallets usually are a cash section, card slots, zip compartment, photo ID window, some larger wallets even offer passport slots, a micro-pen pocket and RFID protection.

RFID is becoming a more common feature in wallets as it offers protection against electronic pickpocketing. This is when someone using an RFID scanner can steal your credit card or passport information. Having an RFID protection feature in wallets can protect you from this type of theft


Wallets are made of different materials, with leather being the most popular. 

Other options include fabric, vinyl, or synthetic leather. Wallets made of man-made materials typically don't last as long as those made of natural leather, but they are often less expensive. 

Fabric wallets usually come in fun and sporty designs and can be great for casual use. Fabric is also easy to clean and has a certain stretchability. Vinyl wallets are similar to fabric wallets but are more durable and also water-resistant. They come in a variety of solid colors and patterns. Synthetic leather wallets are usually made to look and feel like real leather, but they don't last as long as the real thing. 


Wallets come in a variety of colors and textures. When considering which color to choose, think about what you will be using the wallet for. If you plan on using it every day, a wallet in a neutral color like beige, rose tea and charcoal are good options because they will go with almost everything. If you're looking for something that is exclusively for evenings, you might want something in a fun color like champagne, golden pink, fuchsia or yellow. Darker colors like maroon, navy and black are more conservative and formal, but they may point out light-colored stains if they get too much use and not regular cleaning.

Wallet Care

Just like any other piece of leather accessories, a leather wallet needs to be taken proper care of to prolong its life. Here are some tips: 

  • Keep leather wallets away from water and harsh chemicals, including hand sanitizer. These elements quickly wear down leather over time. 
  • If a wallet does get wet, make sure to dry it off as soon as possible with a soft cloth. Do not use heat to dry a wet wallet. Always let the leather wallet dry naturally before storing it away as this helps ensure that no mildew will form inside the material.
  • Keep a leather wallet out of direct sunlight as too much exposure will cause the leather to fade, dry and start to peel away. This heating up of the wallet can also make it smell.
  • Apply leather conditioner to a wallet once or twice a year to stop it from drying out and cracking, making sure it stays smooth and supple. 
  • Though you may clean a wallet with a slightly damp cloth, if you are looking for a more thorough cleaning, try using a leather cleaner to remove any stains or marks that might be on the wallet. Do not use just any cleaning product.
  • If you want to clean a wallet with a new product you haven't tried before. First, do a small patch test before you clean the entire wallet with it.
  • Try not to be too aggressive while cleaning your leather wallet, wipe it gently. To avoid being put into that situation, clean your wallet regularly to prevent any dirt, dust or stubborn stains from accumulating in the first place.
  • If possible avoid keeping your leather wallet in tight constricting places to store. Make sure it'll be able to breathe a bit. 

For a wallet made of entirely cloth material:

  • Machine or hand wash it regularly with a mild detergent, you can also add softener too if you would like to. Air-dry it properly, do not store it away even if slightly damp.
  • Avoid testing the stretchability of the wallet by overstacking multiple cards in one card slot or putting oversized items it is spacious enough to carry.

No wallet will keep looking brand new for decades but with careful usage and proper care, you can certainly make your fabulous looking fabric, synthetic leather or vinyl wallet last a few years.

Which Wallet is Best Suited for you?

When thinking of which wallet to buy, an important factor to consider is your lifestyle. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

If you are a woman who has a desk job and goes to the office, you'll probably want a wallet with a high-quality design that will hold all of your credit cards, cash, and identification. You might also want a wallet that has a coin pocket and extra room for receipts and other miscellaneous papers. 

If you are a busy mom on the go, you'll need a wallet that is functional and can hold all of your essentials, like your driver's license, cash, coins and credit cards. You'll also want a wallet that is easy to access and can be opened with one hand. 

If you are a traveler, you'll need a lightweight wallet, that can fit in your pocket and has RFID protection, so your credit card information will be safe from any digital interference. 

If you are a fashionista, you'll want a wallet that is stylish, slim and shows off your personality. You might want a wallet that comes in different colors or has a unique design. 

There are many different types suitable for different lifestyles, so it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you, but with the right information and careful consideration of your needs, you'll be able to find the perfect wallet for your personality and daily routine. Hopefully, all the material provided in this article helped make the choice clear for you.

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