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What is a Bifold Wallet?

When it comes to an everyday use wallet you can't really go wrong with a bifold wallet. It's the oldest, most familiar and simplest type of wallet, while still being able to provide all the features that most men need on average. 

So, What is a bifold wallet? Why should you own one? and how is it different compared to others? Let's take a look at these questions and find out.

What is a Bifold Wallet?

It's the most popular choice of wallet among men. A bifold wallet is made up of two panels that fold together and close like a book. It typically has multiple compact card slots and a long billfold compartment, allowing you to keep your cash, credit, debit, membership and identification cards safely tucked inside. Many designs of a bifold wallet even have a zip pocket to keep your coins, and a transparent window to display your ID. There is a large variety of bifold wallets in the market with a lot of different designs. Whichever design you're seeking or may have in mind, you'll definitely be able to find it. It comes in many styles and colors.

The standard bifold wallet is made using leather to ensure durability, but can be found in a wide range of fabrics as well. If you want to be unique with your wallet choice, try finding one that is made from denim or camouflage.

How a Bifold Wallet differs from a Trifold Wallet

Another common type of wallet you may have seen around is the trifold wallet. A trifold wallet folds like the bifold, but instead of two sections, has three, where two of its side panels fold over one another to close up. 

This design is typically a bit roomier, allowing for more cards and bills to be carried inside, but this extra space means that a trifold is bulkier than a bifold wallet. 

While a bifold looks slim and classy, the trifold tends to look a bit more casual and less sophisticated.

Another difference between the both is that a bifold wallet's shape and size allows it to fit comfortably inside your pant's front or back pocket, while a trifold wallet cannot properly fit in your pant's front pocket. Instead, it is generally recommended to use your back pocket to keep it, as the shape of it may come off as awkward and unruly, especially in tight clothes.

Some FAQs about Wallets

Is a billfold a Wallet?

Yes, you could say so; in a larger context. To be a bit precise, a billfold instead of being a type of wallet is a category, under which many types of wallets could be subcategorized. The billfold could be used to refer to any type of wallet that folds and has a designated place to store bills, whether that be a trifold, bifold, chain wallet or key wallet; as their otherwise long shape is shorted by folding till it can easily fit into the pockets of your jeans or pants.

A classic example of a billfold wallet would be Vintage Leather gear’s Compact Billfold. Conveniently accessible in 4 different colors, this bifold wallet has a cash section to hold your bills, and RFID protection to protect your cards nicely placed in the wallet’s card slots.

Is it bad to keep your wallet in your back pocket?

Honestly, it's like dangling a piece of meat in front of a hungry animal. It's just simply asking for trouble. By keeping your wallet in your back pocket you are giving criminals the upper hand and inviting them to rob you. You are leaving your cards and bills unprotected from thieves that use the time you're not looking to steal your money and identity.

It's also ill-advised due to another reason. What if I told you that whenever you sit down, you are putting your overall health at risk? Billfold wallets tend to usually get cramped up with unnecessary items causing them to bulk out and when you sit on them, it causes your pelvis to tilt. This unnatural position puts excess pressure on your spine and discs, which over time can cause some serious back problems. 

So now that we've answered the question with the answer being a resounding YES. Try and get into the habit of keeping your wallet in your front pocket instead and you'll see a difference in how you feel overall.


With this, we have come to the end of this article. We hope you learned something new about bifold wallets and whether they are suitable to your needs. Hopefully, this was helpful in you being able to define what it is, and how, no matter whatever type of wallet you choose, to protect yourself and your possessions by refraining from a common bad habit most wallet users have.

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